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Here's how it works! Join certified sommelier Vince, as he explores a new wine region in a 30 minute episode each month (think Anthony Bourdain meets wine)!

SEE the wine region and it’s history. COOK a dish with a local chef. EXPLORE new grapes each month and LEARN different wine topics explored in real talk such as:
What is tannin?

How to navigate a wine store or restaurant wine list.

Why screw tops are underrated.

Want a quick taste? Each episode comes with a 1 minute preview like the one below. You'll have access to the full 30 minute episodes and the option to watch by 7 minute "chapters" so you can get right to the grape juice! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE EPISODES, 

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Each episode also comes with digital "Vino Cards" with a summary of the wines and recipe cards that detail the dishes you learned how to make in the episode, so you can cook the perfect pairing!

Vino Card: Cote de Talas Rouge from Tablas Creek VineyardsVino Card: Grilled Octopus Salad from Artisan Paso Robles

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